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3 Functions of Chief Executive and department

Section 10 relates to the functions of the Chief Executive (and therefore the department) under the Act. The functions may be summarised as follows:

  1. to prepare and publish guidelines for the purposes of the Act;
  2. to prepare and provide reports associated with the operation of the Act;
  3. to monitor the extent to which the objects and principles of the Act are being achieved;
  4. to monitor the extent to which the State Disability Inclusion Plan and disability access and inclusion plans are being implemented;
  5. to monitor compliance of State authorities with the requirements of Part 5 of the Act (Part 5 relates to disability access and inclusion plans);
  6. to make recommendations relevant to the operation of Part 5 of the Act;
  7. to advise the Minister on matters relevant to the operation, administration and enforcement of the Act;
  8. other functions conferred by the Act or the Minister.


  1. What else could the Chief Executive be doing, from a practical perspective, to support or promote the objects and principles under the Act?

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