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Leadership and collaboration

People living with disability want to have a greater role in leading and contributing to government and community decision-making. It is our aim that the perspectives of people living with disability are actively sought and that they are supported to participate meaningfully in government and community consultation and engagement activities.

Priority 4: Participation in decision-making

Action 10

Share the learnings of the improved Supported Decision-Making approach for people living in State Government accommodation services with State authorities.

Status: In progress Estimated timeframe: 2020–21

The Office of the Public Advocate has commenced a supported decision-making project, in partnership with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), to document the wishes of the Office of the Public Advocate clients who have impaired decision-making capacity. A reference group to progress the project has been established.

The Department of Human Services is continuing to work on the governance, planning and development of its supported decision-making program for clients of Accommodation Services. Staff training opportunities are being explored so that formal engagement with clients can start in early 2021. Learnings and resources from the program will be shared across Accommodation Services and with relevant State authorities.

Action 11

State authorities to support young people living with disability to actively participate in decision-making.

Status: In progress

Estimated timeframe: 2020–23

Notes: Relevant State authorities have included this action in their individual DAIP. These can be accessed via the Inclusive SA website.

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Priority 5: Leadership and raising profile

Action 12

Develop a communications strategy to promote BoardingCall, the South Australian Government recruitment register for boards and committees, to ensure it is promoted to people living with disability.

Status: In progress

Estimated timeframe: 2020–21

Notes: This action has been included in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020–2024 and will be completed by 30 June 2021.

Action 13

Ensure high quality and co-ordinated engagement with the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability, including providing consistent, accurate and relevant information, through a dedicated response unit led by the Attorney-General’s Department.

Status: In progress

Estimated timeframe: 2020–23

Notes: The Disability Royal Commission Response Unit (Response Unit) has established an across-government working group to oversee South Australia’s engagement with and response to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission).

The Disability Royal Commission has held public hearings, released seven research reports, and published 12 issues papers. The Response Unit has supported State Government agencies to respond to issues papers and summonses, and has worked with the Commission on its Closed Institutions Engagement Strategy. The Disability Royal Commission released an interim report on 30 October 2020 and is due to deliver its final report by 29 April 2022.

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Priority 6: Engagement and consultation

Action 14

Develop a toolkit that supports State authorities to consult and engage with people living with disability when developing policies and programs, which:

  • promotes and explains co-design principles
  • focuses on supports for consultation within regional South Australia.

Status: In progress

Estimated timeframe: 2020–21

Notes: The Department of Human Services engaged JFA Purple Orange to co-design a consultation and engagement toolkit. The toolkit is now being developed and will be further consulted on in early 2021. It will be published and available in accessible formats in 2021.

Action 15

Review the function of the Disability Engagement Group (DEG) to:

  • ensure membership is focused on people living with disability and carers
  • increase membership in rural and regional areas
  • increase the use of the DEG members in decision-making and policy initiatives
  • support members to develop advisory and leadership skills.

Status: In progress

Estimated timeframe: 2020–21

Notes: The Department of Human Services has completed an internal review of the Disability Engagement Group. A new registration form has been sent to members so important demographic data can be collected and analysed. A survey has also been sent to members asking them to indicate their interest in participating in different consultation methods and the topics they are interested in. Consultation on reshaping the Disability Engagement Group and establishing co-design elements will commence 2021.

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