Inclusive SA


The South Australian Government’s vision is an accessible and inclusive South Australia based on fairness and respect.

To achieve this vision, Inclusive SA focuses on the following themes and priorities that reflect what people living with disability told us are important to them.

Inclusive communities for all:

  • Involvement in the community.
  • Improving community understanding and awareness.
  • Promoting the rights of people living with disability.

Leadership and collaboration:

  • Participation in decision-making.
  • Leadership and raising profile.
  • Engagement and consultation.

Accessible communities:

  • Better supports within educational and training settings.
  • Skill development through volunteering and support in navigating the pathway between learning and earning.
  • Improved access to employment opportunities and better support within workplaces.

Learning and Employment:

  • Universal Design across South Australia.
  • Accessible and available information.
  • Access to services.

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