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Launching in 2022

Smartphone app

The Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Department for Innovation and Skills and South Australian start-up The Moonshine Lab, is proud to launch a uniquely South Australian smartphone app in 2022.

An iOS and Android compatible smartphone app is being developed to provide accessibility and general information on South Australian venues, facilities, parklands and play spaces, recreation and entertainment centres and cultural institutions to drive inclusion, independence, and empowerment for people living with disability and the wider community.

People with disability and those with lived experience, along with the general public, played a central role in shaping the functionality of the app and optimising its usability and accessibility – whilst also playing an ongoing role in providing ‘crowdsourced’ ratings and feedback to bolster location data within the app. Once launched, users can search for locations and rate their experience as it relates to accessibility.

There is clear evidence of broad and sweeping appreciation for the role that technology can play in improving the independence and experience of people living with disability in public spaces. The app will be a one-stop-shop for a more accessible South Australia.

See Me For Me

The See Me For Me community awareness campaign to improve community perceptions and understanding of what it means to live with a disability is South Australia’s first disability awareness campaign and will be launched by June 2022.

During 2020–21, the Department for Human Services undertook extensive consultation with JFA Purple Orange to ensure people living with disability were represented and participated in the creative concept process, including the use of language. During the consultation it was agreed not to present people living with disability as heroes. Rather, those living with disability want to be seen in the same way as those living without a disability, as having everyday interests and likes. This communication campaign is to reinforce disability as another form of diversity within society.

A See Me For Me webpage will be added to the Inclusive SA website and will provide information on using correct terms when talking about disability, as well as posters and social media resources for organisations to use.

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