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The Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) (the Act) was passed in 2018 and it has been three years since the delivery of our State Disability Inclusion Plan (Inclusive SA), which was established as required by the Act.

Inclusive SA commits the South Australian Government to improving access and inclusion for South Australians who are living with disability. We want Inclusive SA to generate meaningful change, therefore we will continue to consult with the community and people living with disability throughout the life of Inclusive SA.

Inclusive SA is a cross-government initiative which is led by 99 state authorities, made up of 31 government agencies and 68 local councils. State authorities are driving disability access and inclusion through delivering specific Inclusive SA actions in addition to targeted actions in their own Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs). These DAIPs provide a localised context for quality access and inclusion improvements.

Inclusive SA and DAIP actions support the implementation of both the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) (the Act) and Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 (ADS), along with the principles agreed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Actions also support children and young people through the implementation of recommendations in the 2022 From Checkbox to Commitment report (PDF 3.7 MB).

Inclusive SA was revised in 2022 to align with the seven outcome areas of ADS and the associated Targeted Action Plans. A more fulsome review will be undertaken in 2023 when the current plan expires.

This year’s annual report:

  • provides an update on the progress of the 39 actions in Inclusive SA over the 2021–22 financial year
  • presents highlights and showcases the achievements by State Government agencies and local councils through their DAIPs
  • includes a supplementary Inclusive SA report
  • outlines our plans, goals and new initiatives for 2023.

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