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Disability legislation

An independent review completed by Mr Richard Dennis AM PSM, which detailed 50 recommendations (to be implemented through legislation, policy and operations) was tabled in Parliament on 6 September 2022.

In addition to amending the reporting timeframes, other recommendations were made.


  • The principles outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to underpin the development and delivery of services, and highlight how important it is to remove barriers from society that prevent access and inclusion.
  • Set out whole-of-government policies and strategies for applying the principles and purposes of relevant international human rights instruments affecting people with disability.
  • Ensure the needs of people with disability who are women, children, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, or culturally and linguistically diverse are properly addressed by the State Disability Inclusion Plan and DAIPs.
  • Ensure the Act is explicitly applied to all people with disability, regardless of age.
  • Ensure documents prepared for consultation in relation to Inclusive SA or DAIPs are available in an accessible format for people with disability.
  • Add definition of “barrier” because our definition of disability recognises that disability is a result of societal structures and attitudes.
  • Ensure people living with disability will get to provide input into the design and delivery of inclusive policies and programs through co-design and collaboration.
  • Ensure State authorities take reasonable steps to assist people with disability to learn about their rights and develop ways in which they, or their families/guardians, can report violations of those rights.
  • Provide additional recognition to people who have heightened vulnerability due to significant intellectual disability and may face additional barriers or may need additional protections or assistance as they lead their lives.
  • Add specific function for the Chief Executive to advise the Minister on systemic or emerging accessibility and inclusion issues.

Autism Strategy – coming soon!

The development and delivery of the State’s first Autism Strategy is an election commitment of the current government and responds to years of advocacy by the autistic and autism communities. It will support a dedicated whole-of-government approach to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

Through a consultation and co-design approach, led by the Department of Human Services, the autistic and autism communities will shape the scope and content of the State’s first Autism Strategy and Charter.

Department of Human Services has achieved the following key milestones:

  • Held a roundtable discussion with 19 autistic people on 30 September 2022. The workshop was facilitated by JFA Purple Orange and focused on finalising the draft discussion paper prior to broad public consultation.
  • The discussion paper and YourSAy survey was launched on 25 November 2022 to commence a 12 week consultation period with the autistic and autism communities.

Changing Places

As part of the 2022-23 Budget, the Australian Government has committed to invest in more ‘Changing Places’ facilities around Australia, by offering one third of the funding required to build a Changing Places facility in each of the 400 Local Government Areas (LGAs) currently without one by 2025-26. Changing places are specialised disability toilets for people with high support needs, or those not accommodated by standard accessible toilets.

The Department of Social Services is leading this initiative, and currently working closely with State Governments and relevant organisations to leverage current interest and funding opportunities. Working collaboratively, this will expand the availability of Changing Places facilities nationally and help to ensure no person with disability is left behind.

Changing Places toilets provide:

  • height-adjustable adult-sized change table
  • constant-charging ceiling track hoist systems
  • centrally-located peninsula toilets
  • automatic doors
  • privacy screens.

South Australia currently has 17 Changing Places Facilities.

Find a Changing Places toilet

Find Changing Places Toilet - Changing Places

New Changing Places facilities at Henley Beach, James Place in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and the City of Salisbury are all due for completion in 2023.

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