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Aligning our actions

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 (ADS) outlines a vision for a more inclusive and accessible Australian society where all people with disability can fulfil their potential as equal members of the community. The ADS recognises that all levels of government are responsible for setting priorities and plans within their context to work with the community, businesses, and people with disability to implement and realise its vision in a coordinated and targeted way.

The Inclusive SA Interim Review aims to commence the realignment of existing Inclusive SA actions under the targeted outcome areas identified in Australia’s Disability Strategy and by doing so ensures that our plan drives improvements for people with disability that is consistent with agreed national outcomes and policy priorities.

Targeted Action Plans (TAPs)

Australia’s Disability Strategy identifies that there are specific areas, like increasing employment of people with disability, or improving health and wellbeing outcomes, where more work is needed. TAPs have been developed to make sure additional work is done over the life of Australia’s Disability Strategy to improve outcomes in these areas and will continue to evolve as living documents to respond to community priorities.

Although Inclusive SA already goes far to responding to these outcomes, identified gaps in health and wellbeing and safety have presented an opportunity to link specific actions to existing Targeted Action Plan deliverables to ensure consistency and alignment, and streamline state and national reporting requirements. As a result, some Targeted Action Plan deliverables have been adopted and included in the Inclusive SA Interim Review and highlighted accordingly in the following sections.

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