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Outcome Area 1: Employment and Financial Security

People with disability have economic security, enabling them to plan for the future, and exercise choice and control over their lives.

Action 1

Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment
Ongoing | Originally Action 38, Priority 12

Increase employment opportunities across all levels in the South Australian public sector through the targeting of job opportunities for people with disability under Section 65 of the Public Sector Act 2009 (SA) which provides for employment opportunity programs.

Action 2

All State Government agencies
Ongoing | Originally Action 37, Priority 12

Implement the South Australian Public Sector Disability Employment Strategy 2019–2023 and develop new strategies to create a more inclusive, accessible, safe and informed public sector.

Action 3

Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Ongoing | Originally Action 12, Priority 5

Encourage an increase in the number of people living with disability on South Australian Government boards and committees through the implementation of the BoardingCall Communication Strategy.

Action 4

Department of Human Services
Ongoing | Originally Action 23, Priority 9

Continue to work collaboratively with the Commonwealth Government and the National Disability Insurance Agency to develop strategies to support a diverse disability workforce, including within regional South Australia.

Action 5

Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

Local Councils

Dec 2023 | Originally Action 39, Priority 12

Develop data measures to track the percentage of people living with disability who are employed in South Australian Government and local councils.

[This action is a Targeted Action Plan deliverable]

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