Inclusive SA

Outcome Area 6: Health and Wellbeing

People with disability attain the highest possible health and wellbeing outcomes throughout their lives.

Action 28

Department for Health and Wellbeing
Ongoing | Originally Action 30, Priority 9

Promote liaison and communication links between health services and disability support services and improve the continuity of supports, including psychosocial supports, during hospitalisation.

Action 29

South Australia Police
Ongoing |

Engage and consult with people with disability, their families and carers to identify their safety needs in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Action 30

Department for Health and Wellbeing
Ongoing | NEW ACTION

Increase health and wellbeing early intervention services and supports for people with disability, including:

  • determining improvements to the planning and accessibility of drug and alcohol services to support those at risk
  • update (where required) the model of care to ensure effective access to treatment services.

[Actions 29 and 30 are Targeted Action Plan deliverables]

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