Inclusive SA

What are our principles?

Our principles guide our behaviour and create a shared understanding about what is important. Inclusive SA is based on the following principles for people living with disability:

  • Fundamental human rights, responsibilities and autonomy
  • Individual worth and dignity
  • Participation in social economic life
  • The right to realise physical, social, sexual, reproductive, emotional and intellectual capacities
  • The right to make decisions, including supported decisions and to take risks
  • Access to information in appropriate forms
  • Respect for cultural and linguistic diversity, age, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs
  • Rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • Live free from neglect, abuse and exploitation
  • Rights to pursue complaints and access justice
  • Acknowledge and respect the crucial role of families, carers and friendship
  • Respect the needs and rights of children as they develop
  • Acknowledge and respect the abilities, strengths, goals and needs of people living with disability.

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