Inclusive SA

What have we achieved so far?

In updating Inclusive SA to guide the next stage of our commitment to access and inclusion, we reflect on those actions that have now been implemented and as a result, have been removed from our active plan.

Action 1

Develop an event toolkit to promote accessible and inclusive practices for State authorities in community events.

Action 3

Develop and promote Inclusive Play guidelines to guide local councils and other community groups in the development of accessible and inclusive playgrounds and play spaces.

Action 14

Develop a toolkit that supports State authorities to consult and engage with people living with disability when developing policies and programs, which:

  • promotes and explains co-design principles
  • focuses on supports for consultation within regional South Australia.

Action 15

Review the function of the Disability Engagement Group (DEG) to:

  • ensure membership is focused on people living with disability and carers
  • increase membership in rural and regional areas
  • increase the use of the DEG members in decision-making and policy initiatives
  • support members to develop advisory and leadership skills.

Action 20

Create the Inclusive SA website (and consider other communication mediums) to provide key resources for people living with disability and the community to raise awareness about disability.

Action 21

Develop a toolkit to support State authorities to ensure communication about their services is available in a range of accessible formats. These may include Easy read, Auslan, pictorial forms, large font, audible options, braille, closed captions and voice over.

Action 25

Develop and promote a toolkit for signage, wayfinding and multi-media devices for State authorities to support deaf, hard of hearing, blind, vision or hearing-impaired persons.

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