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‘Pavely’, the smartphone app paving the way to more inclusive communities

The Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Department for Innovation and Skills, Department of Treasury and Finance and Go2Gov program start-up ‘The Moonshine Lab’ is proud to launch ‘Pavely’, a uniquely South Australian smartphone app promoting social inclusion.

Find, rate and review inclusive venues in SA with Pavely

Pavely is a social planning app which makes it quick and easy for people with accessibility needs or those close to them to find new places to go or things to see and do.

Pavely is created by the community, for the community. The functionality has been shaped by people living with disability to ensure optimisation of usability and accessibility.

Pavely users agree that the app will be ‘life-changing’, the time saved planning outings enables greater spontaneity, and supports the ability to explore new places.

The app provides a directory of venues and facilities across the state and allows users to search based on accessibility ratings and inclusive features such as the venue’s entrance, amenities, parking and options for assistance, vision and sensory needs.

Pavely video

Duration: 2.04 mins

Plan visits to accessible venues and events in South Australia with confidence

Step 1. Sign up

Download the app and sign-up to join the Pavely community.

Step 2. Explore

Find venues and events that meet your accessibility needs… faster!

Step 3. Visit and Contribute

Save your favourite venues, get directions and once you’ve visited, contribute your ratings to help fellow community members.

Visit the Pavely website to download the app.

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