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Overview of Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs)

DAIPs are an important tool for raising disability awareness in the community and promoting the social and economic benefits of a more inclusive South Australia.

There are 25 State Government agencies and 68 local councils captured by the Act that were required to develop, consult on and publish their DAIP by 31 October 2020.

All State authorities were required to consult with the community and people living with disability on their draft DAIP — some consulted twice.

To support multiple State Government agencies to consult on their DAIPs, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, in collaboration with DHS, established a DAIP ‘hub’ on the YourSAy website. This supported a whole-of-government approach for DAIPs and allowed members of the community to provide feedback on DAIPs that were important to them.

This first year of access and inclusion planning was done under the framework of the Act and Inclusive SA. It is an iterative process, and DHS has commenced systematically reviewing DAIPs to identify best practice and opportunities for future improvement.

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