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After your event

Whether your event was community-based or online, it is important to have time to celebrate the success of your event and consider any learnings gained for the process. This provides great insight that you can apply to the next event your plan.

Is it possible to hold an after-event celebration and debrief?

Once the event is over, there will be a lot to do but you need to also make the time to celebrate with the others who planned and helped run the event.

This could be an after-event party or some other form of celebration where everyone should be given an opportunity to have a say about the event and to be thanked.

A debrief is a simple process of allowing everyone to have a voice about what they thought worked well and what they thought could have been done better. It is a good idea to make a written record of this for future reference and to assist with future events.

Surveying participants about the event’s accessibility

It is important to ask people with disability who attended or participated in the event to provide feedback on what they thought of the event, and in particular questions about accessibility. This will provide insights as to what was done well and where things could be improved.

You will also have the opportunity to provide appropriate and timely follow up to participants. Creating a record of the feedback, which could be gathered by survey, can assist with holding future events.

Ensure there is an accessible online version of the feedback form.

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