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Has accessibility been considered for catering?

It is important to consider how catering will be made accessible. This will depend on many factors, including:

  • catering to be provided and how menus will be made accessible
  • what access requirements may be needed
  • whether assistance will be needed to access the food and drink itself
  • accessible places to eat
  • providing accessible food counters and bendable straws.

Also, consider proximity to accessible toilets from the catering and eating locations.

Is the catering area accessible and is there a variety of meal options available?

  • Food stalls or stations need to be sufficiently spaced to allow free movement for wheelchair and mobility aid users, and at an accessible height.
  • Offer meals that are easy to eat, and ensure dietary requirements are catered for.
  • Cutlery, paper serviettes and bendable straws should be provided, and ensure staff are available to assist if required.
  • Place food at the edge of tables and not in the middle, to ensure it can be reached from a seated position.

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