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Checklist 2: Holding an accessible and inclusive event

Is the proposed venue accessible?

  • Pathways to the venue entrance are safe and accessible
  • Handrails are in place for stairs
  • Ramps are installed and meet the required standards
  • Access ways to lifts are clear and lifts are operating
  • Doorways are wide enough for wheelchairs
  • Doors are easy to open and keep open to enable access
  • Entry ways, walkways and foyers are clear of hazards
  • Signage is clear, visible and meets guidelines
  • Sufficient accessible toilets are available (1 per 10 toilets)
  • Accessible toilets meet required standards
  • Accessible toilets are placed outside and inside the venue and near catering
  • There are accessible drop off points near the entrance to the event/venue
  • There is sufficient accessible car parking available close to the entrance
  • Public transport is available nearby and accessible to the entrance
  • Additional public transport options are provided (for example, taxi, shuttle bus)
  • The registration table or area is easily accessible to people with disability
  • A person at a nominated location is identified to assist and provide information to people with disability
  • Seating arrangements allow for wheelchairs, mobility aids and companions
  • Staging and other setup arrangements allow for appropriate access
  • An unobstructed view of Auslan translators is provided for attendees
  • A quiet room is provided for attendees including sensory kits
  • First aid kits are accessible and up to date
  • Hazards are identified and either removed or cordoned off
  • The emergency plan includes specific information relating to evacuation of people with disability

Is the proposed event inclusive?

  • Lighting is suitable for people with disability to move about, to see information and Auslan interpreters and does not contribute to sensory overload
  • Sound takes into account possible impacts on people with sensory sensitivity and includes hearing loops
  • Audio-visual equipment and projection caters for people with disability
  • The MC has and is instructed to share disability access information
  • Catering area and food and drink are accessible
  • Cutlery, plates and utensils cater for the needs of people with disability
  • Staff are available to assist those with disability in the catering area
  • Staff are available at the entrance to the event/venue and in the venue to assist people with disability.

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