Inclusive SA

Diverse experiences

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Identity

Have you ensured your event speakers will deliver an Acknowledgement of Country? Will your event feature images, videos or voice recordings of people who have died?


Is your event safe for women or gender-diverse (for example, non-binary) people? What actions are taken to demonstrate inclusion of all genders?

Sexual Orientation

Is your event welcoming of people of all sexualities? Are partners welcome, have you specified a gender for those partners? Is your language use for the event heteronormative or exclusionary?

Gender identity or expression

Can the attendee register for the event using their correct pronouns? Do you include all genders on your forms, or only the male and female genders?

Transgender or gender transition status

Is your event inclusive of transgender people? Are organisers and speakers aware of the correct names and pronouns to use when referencing to a transgender or non-binary person?

Intersex identity

Does your event ask the gender of participants? Is this necessary? If so, is intersex included as a gender on event forms?


What is the cost of your event? Is cost a barrier to your target audience? Are you providing waged and unwaged ticketing? Will event sponsors contribute to sponsored tickets for those who cannot afford the event?

Cultural and linguistical diversity

Does your even need interpreters present? Will you be delivering Plain English advertising? Does your event feature diverse speakers? Does the event have a Code of Conduct in place to ensure everyone feels safe from discrimination?

Criminal record

Will any vulnerable communities be present at your event? Can people with a criminal record attend your event? How will you mitigate judgement or bias against people with a criminal record? Have you specified if there are barriers to attendance for those with a criminal record?


Will the event have an Auslan interpreter? Is there room for wheelchair users to sit at the front or sides of the room? Has space been saved for wheelchair users and are those areas marked?

Mental health status

Will you provide trigger or content warnings ahead of discussions that may trigger trauma in your audience? Will you provide mental health resources and provider information if discussing confronting issues?

Religion or religiosity

Is the event accessible for religious communities? If the event is targeted to a specific religious community, have you checked to see if the event is scheduled during a common prayer time?

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