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Event Code of Conduct

Providing a code of conduct to event attendees is an easy way to set clear expectations for how an event should run and how participants should behave. A code of conduct can also be a good way to communication information about the accessibility of the event.

Example Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety and inclusivity of everyone this event, all speakers, participants and staff are required to uphold this code of conduct. To do this we ask that you:

  • follow the instructions of the event facilitator, including on limiting discussions that are off-topic or of an inappropriate nature
  • respect the identity, names and pronouns of everyone at the event. If you’re unsure of the correct pronunciation of names, correct pronouns or appropriate language to use, ask politely
  • honour timed discussion and question limits and share the space and encourage others to share their views and experiences
  • do not engage in demeaning, argumentative or antagonising behaviour.
  • avoid assumptions or stereotyping
  • understand that shouting, swearing, harassment, threatening or humiliating behaviour is unacceptable, and you will be removed from the event
  • respect the diversity of languages, cultures, opinions, expertise
  • understand that attendees are welcome to leave the session at any time without explanation.

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