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Staffing the event

Are staff available to assist people with disability?

All staff should be trained in disability awareness and be prepared to support a person with disability where needed. Providing a dedicated person at the entry to an event who is clearly identified as a person to go to for information or assistance for people with disability is good practice. If you are holding a large or spread-out event, having an information post or table where people can go for assistance will be useful.

Consider additional points for accessibility and inclusivity on your checklist.

Do you have enough staff and volunteers? Have they received disability awareness training?

Before the event, all staff, including volunteers, need to be briefed on safety protocols, and access and exiting issues. They also need to be trained on how to communicate information in an accessible, inclusive and respectful manner.

Audience members should be greeted at the entrance to the venue and provided with information about registration, seating, availability of toilet facilities and catering.

Staff and volunteers need to be well informed on communicating with someone who is:

  • non-verbal
  • using a mobility aid
  • using an assistance animal
  • blind or living with low vision.

Many government agencies provide disability awareness training, or you can look at external providers.

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