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Is there an area where people can be safely dropped off at the entrance?

This is important for people who arrive by taxi, who are assisted by support workers, older people or those with children. If possible, the drop off point should incorporate a kerb ramp that allows those with mobility devices to move safely from the road to footpath.

Are accessible car parking spaces close to the entrance?

If there are no formal parking spaces, you may choose to cordon off an area near the entrance for this purpose. Depending on the event, the local council may be able to assist with temporary parking restrictions.

Are public transport services available?

If public transport is convenient and close to the venue, ensure this information is included in all publicity and communications. Consider other options if needed, such as access cabs or shuttle buses. Don’t assume public transport services and stops are accessible. Confirm if there are specific accessible services and the location of the closest accessible station or stop.

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