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The State’s first Disability Inclusion Plan, Inclusive SA was released in late 2019 and is a whole-of-government approach based on fairness and respect to improve access and inclusion for people with disability. The Plan includes 12 priorities with associated actions and aims to increase the involvement of people with disability in the community.

A key element of Inclusive SA is social inclusion, a priority for people living with disability as it affects all aspects of their lives. It is our aim that the contributions and rights of people living with disability are valued and understood by all South Australians and that their rights are promoted, upheld and protected.

It is important for social wellbeing that all South Australians can make independent decisions on how to engage with and contribute to the community. The whole community benefits when all South Australians can access spaces and places through well designed wayfinding and signage.

This toolkit provides practical information to assist South Australian government agencies and local councils to use signage and wayfinding to assist people living with disability.

The toolkit is developed in response to Action 25 of Inclusive SA - the State Disability Inclusion Plan..

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