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Examples of wayfinding and signage

City of Playford

Fremont Park is an all-ability play space. The all-abilities area includes a Communication Board, which makes communication more accessible at the playground for people who have difficulty communicating their message with speech. This could include a person with a communication disability, a small child, or someone who speaks a different language to their peers.

Playground Chat communication board from the City of Playford (PDF 4.3MB)

City of Adelaide

As part of an overarching masterplan, the City of Adelaide has a comprehensive wayfinding strategy to unify and improve the sense of place. With the population of Adelaide growing rapidly, the strategy also strengthens the case for sustainable ‘active’ modes of transport such as walking, cycling, and public transport to help circumvent the forecast increase in traffic and congestion in the city.

Adelaide Design Manual project - high-quality design outcomes for public spaces in the City of Adelaide

Studio Binocular, working in collaboration with ‘A to B Wayfinding’, undertook an extensive research phase which reinforced the importance of a holistic and integrated user-focussed approach to the project. It included the design of a comprehensive mapping system — including precinct maps and detailed ‘heads up’ pedestrian maps with illustrated landmarks for orientation and accessible pedestrian routes.

Studio Binocular wayfinding project.

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