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This toolkit has been prepared by the Department of Human services, drawing on information provided by State and local government agencies, people with lived experience of disability, the wider disability sector and community, and open-source disability information.

The toolkit has been developed to help make public spaces and places more accessible and inclusive for people with disability. The purpose of the toolkit is to raise awareness, provide resources and generate new ideas for greater inclusion.

The South Australian Government acknowledges the extensive resources already in place across the disability sector and in other government jurisdictions. This toolkit therefore also serves as a ‘hub’, providing links to identified key resources.


This toolkit is for reference only, is not a complete guide and may be added to or expanded over time. References to third parties are provided for your information only and not as an endorsement by the South Australian Government.

Due to ongoing changes and improvements to access requirements, the toolkit does not guarantee compliance with legislation, the Building Code of Australia or other regulations standards or codes. Please consider your own requirements and circumstances when using this toolkit. Professional advice should still be sought where relevant.


The Accessible and Inclusive toolkits have been developed in collaboration with, and contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.

JFA Purple Orange was engaged to co-design stage one of the toolkits. Over 100 State government agencies and local councils were invited to contribute to the content. We engaged Vision Australia and Funktion as industry experts to provide an expert review.

The draft Accessible and Inclusive toolkits were released for public consultation. We received feedback from people with lived experience of disability, service providers and community groups, with a number of ideas and resources incorporated into the final toolkits.

If you have further resources that you think could be included in any of the Accessible and Inclusive toolkits please let us know.


The toolkits include

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