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Existing networks and advisory groups

A range of non-government and government organisations may be able to assist with your engagement by linking to people living with disability. They may be able to provide advice and support in relation to the needs of people with disability and may also be able to act as a conduit to people that you wish to engage.

It is important to acknowledge that different disability organisations and peak bodies may engage in different ways. For example, some organisations may send individual representatives, others may provide an opportunity to access a user group at a pre-scheduled meeting, while others may ask for payment.

A number of local councils and state government departments have local disability advisory groups already established. If you are going to set up a co-design group or a wishing to consult, you may wish to approach an agency that has a list of people that are interested in co-design and consultation.

The Department of Human Services Disability Engagement Group is used to obtain advice about disability issues. The group is a confidential contact list of people who have chosen to be available to provide independent advice on issues that are important to people living with disability in South Australia. Consultations take place as needed. Members participate because of their interest and experience in areas related to disability. The group includes people living with disability as well as family members, carers and practitioners.


Disability engagement partners, advisory groups and panels

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