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1. About these guidelines

Developing a DAIP demonstrates that a State authority recognises the importance of inclusion and access for everyone, has a welcoming attitude towards a diverse range of people and has employees who are aware of the needs of people living with disability

Ensuring that the rights of people living with disability are upheld is the responsibility of the whole community. People living with disability should be able to access and participate in all aspects of our society, including using mainstream services and programs. Social inclusion is fundamental to a person’s quality of life and critical to achieving positive life outcomes across all areas.

These DAIP guidelines, and other resources within the DAIP toolkit, will assist State authorities to develop and implement a DAIP and meet the requirements set out in the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA).

The guidelines also encourage consistency in presentation and reporting by providing a common methodology that reflects the current direction of disability policy — a rights‑based approach that supports individual choice and control.

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