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Common stereotypes

  • Having disability is a tragedy.
  • People with disability are:
    • objects of pity and charity
    • passive and dependent and lead boring, uneventful lives
    • chronically sick or unhealthy
    • not providers of expertise, services or assistance to their families and communities
    • always on income support. Many work in a range of professions and pay taxes
    • people with limited interests
    • superhuman if they achieve everyday tasks
    • extraordinary if they have romantic partners, marry or have children. Also don’t assume that if someone does not, it is because they have a disability. People make these choices for a wide range of reasons.
    • asexual by default. As in the general population, asexual people with disability exist and are valid. However, assuming that disability equals asexuality is problematic.

Source: A Way with Words: Guidelines for the portrayal of people with a disability (PDF 911.5 KB)

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