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Disability Engagement Group – 2021 Role Description

Role title

Disability Engagement Group (DEG) member


Meetings will be held four times per year (or as required) in metropolitan Adelaide (including via Teams)


$60 per meeting. Please note that the honorarium may be assessed as taxable income, particularly if the expertise you provide is similar to your usual paid work. More information is available at the ATO website.

It is also expected that DEG members who are organisational representatives will be supported by their employer or organisation to participate in the DEG.


The Department of Human Services (DHS) is seeking to appoint 12 people with strong knowledge and understanding of disability to be founding members of the new DEG.

The DEG will comprise of people with lived experience of disability or someone who is a carer, parent or family member of a person with disability and has an interest in disability issues.

The role of the DEG is for people with a disability and carers to have a platform to provide strategic, expert and impartial advice on the development, implementation and review of policies, strategies and projects. DHS will consult with the DEG on policy and program initiatives that relate to access and inclusion for people with disability.

This includes awareness of the new Australia Disability Strategy 2023 to 2027, and South Australia’s Inclusive SA 2019-2023 State Disability Inclusion Plan.


Initial terms are 1–2 years as some members will retire at the end of the first year to ensure a rotation and balance of experienced and new members. This aims to ensure continuity of expertise of the DEG membership. Members may later be eligible to apply for a further term of appointment.


DHS encourages applications that will contribute to the diversity and depth of experience of the DEG. This includes seeking applications from:

  • people of a variety of ages
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • those from diverse cultural backgrounds and gender identities, and LGBTIQA+ representation.

Representatives from rural and regional geographical areas are also encouraged to apply.

Representatives from organisations in the disability sector are encouraged to become DEG members.

Representatives from state authorities are also encouraged to become members, however remuneration is not applicable.

Personal skills

The following personal skills and attributes, and a willingness to continue building these skills are important for the role:

  • An ability to work alongside people from different backgrounds being open to hearing other people’s perspectives and experiences
  • An openness to work with government and other organisations to improve access and inclusion for people with disability.


  • A designated ‘go to’ contact person in DHS
  • Access to resources to enable participation in DEG.


  • Contribute collaboratively to the development of a better system and policies to support people living with a disability in SA.
  • A willingness to speak from your own lived experience whilst considering the views and perspectives of others.
  • Attend all meetings and send apologies if unable to attend.
  • Pre-reading prior to meetings and reading notes and minutes from missed meetings.
  • Ensure space is created to enable all members to have a voice.
  • Maintain confidentiality and code of conduct.
  • Advise DHS if your circumstances change and you can no longer contribute or attend meetings.

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