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Connect with each other - steps

Connecting with others is a fundamental human need. Inclusive playspaces can bring people of all ages and abilities together. These spaces can change attitudes, build relationships and help people understand and accept others.

Reflect on these questions to encourage people to connect with each other.

1. First things first – let your local community have a voice.

Have you asked the community what they want? Can you help them to participate in making key decisions about the playspace?

2. Encourage people of different ages and abilities to play together.

Can all children play together or side-by-side? Can parents/carers play too?

3. Provide facilities that allow people to connect.

Are there accessible picnic tables, bench seats, barbecues or toilets?

4. Last, but not least, help people to relax by making it safe.

Have you considered lighting, supervision and a boundary enclosure?

Why inclusive play is important to me

“I am lucky to have two children who I adore. Greta is 4 and Fergus is 9 years old.

Greta has Rett Syndrome, so she can’t express herself through her body. She uses a PODD communication board to identify images with her eyes to tell us what she needs.

It is hard for me to find playgrounds where both my kids can play together in the same space. It’s so important that Greta is able to join in with her brother and other kids so she doesn’t feel left out.

Playgrounds need to be a safe space where I can let the kids play without having to always be supervising and watching out for equipment that can pose a danger.

Being able to play with others is great for both my kids – they can learn more this way. I hope to see more inclusive playgrounds that cater for everyone.”

Olivia and her daughter Greta and son Fergus

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