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Connect with place - steps

Being outdoors and connecting with the environment is crucial for a child’s development, health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, there are many families and children who find it hard to access and connect to a place. Playspaces offer a great opportunity for people to get outside and have fun, and the right design can help everyone.

Consider the following to help people connect with your unique place.

1. The first step is checking that everyone can access the place.

Can they find it? Can they get there? Are there any barriers?

2. Once they are there, make sure everyone can easily find their way around.

Are the paths accessible? Is the layout easy to navigate? Can everyone understand the signs?

3. Don’t forget access to the fun stuff.

Is the play equipment accessible? Can everyone access ‘the coolest’ thing?

4. Finally, ensure the unique setting and environment is considered.

Is there enough shade? Are there existing natural features that can be used? Are there existing accessible facilities close by?

Why inclusive play is important to me

“Lucy loves the beach and water and eating endless amounts of cheese!

Lucy likes to walk by herself when she can, but most of the time she needs her wheelchair, so access is really important for us.

Until I became a mother of a child with a disability, I didn’t think about how hard it might be for some people to get around – to do simple things, like visit a park and play.

Sometimes we go for a beautiful walk down a long path and then at the end there are steps and you have to go all the way back. This can really be frustrating.

It is important for us to have flat paths and accessible car parks close by, so if Lucy doesn’t want her wheelchair we can help her walk to the playground by herself.”

Kristy and her daughter Lucy

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