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Summary of the Review

Review of laws that aim to help people with disability to have a better chance to live well in our community

There are many ways to achieve something in our community. One way is for the government to make a law. South Australia has a law intended to help people with disability get involved in the community and have easier lives. It is called the Disability Inclusion Act.

This law says that government departments and local councils should do things to help people with disability to have the support and services that everyone else enjoys, to be able to live as independently as possible, and to be involved in decisions that affect them personally.

If you are living with disability or know someone with disability, it would be great if you could think about some things that we should know about.

For example, we would like to know whether you feel you have the chance to do the same things other people do, especially when you are out in the community.

We would like to know how easy it is for you to move around the community and if you think it should be easier. It is important that no-one is prevented from making the most of their abilities or from doing what they want to do.

We also want to know if you feel that you can make choices about your life.

All these things are being considered by an independent reviewer. The reviewer will provide advice to the government about how well Disability Inclusion Act and the actions of local councils are helping people with disability to live well.

Share your views

You can share your views by responding to questions in the Review of the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (South Australia) – Discussion Paper.

Submission deadline

10 May 2022

Submit your responses either through the online survey, email or via post.

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